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Advanced Package:


6 Part Fertilizer Application


Part 1: Starter Spring appplication


Part 2: Split Spring application with pre-emergent

Part 3: Split Spring application with pre-emergent

Part 4: Broad leaf weed control application

Part 5: Late Summer application

Part 6: Winterizer application


Our Advanced Package offers both nutrient rich fertilizer and focused weed control. The broad leaf application will greatly reduce weeds such as clover, dandelions, and most other broad leaf weeds.



Premium Package:


9 Part Fertlizer Application


Part 1:  Starter Spring application 


Part 2: Split Spring application with pre-emergent


Part 3: Split spring application with pre-emergent

Part 4: Broad leaf weed control application 

Part 5: Summer application 

Part 6: Grub control application

Part 7: Late Summer application

Part 8: Fall application

Part 9: Winterizer application


* This package includes spot treatments for weeds. 


This program provides both the nutrients as well as the weed control and grub control you need to keep your yard looking its best. It also includes year round spot weed control.


Premier Fertilizer Programs:

Other Services and Treatments


-Bermuda Grass

-Moisture Manager



-Slit Seeding 

-Tree and Shrub Treatment

-Tree Fertilizer






-Japanese Beetles


Advantages of our Programs


  • Many of our competitors use predominantly liquid applications.  While this does produce quick results, it is short-lived.  The nutrients are quickly absorbed and used, and then the grass is left with nothing to feed on.  Liquid applications need to be reapplied much more frequently to keep the grass looking healthy.  We liken it to a human trying to live on coffee.  Yes, it may produce energy, but that energy is not the result of an overall healthy body.  Our plan utilizes liquid applications only for weed control.  The liquid penetrates quickly and kills any weeds it contacts.  All fertilizer and turf-building agents are applied in granular form.  Each one is specifically designed to gradually release nutrients into the soil, so that the plant receives a balanced, healthy diet.


  • Our plan includes grub control as a basic part of the Premium Package.  We believe that you should not have to pay extra for something as vitally necessary as grub control.  This treatment helps protect your lawn from moles and also helps stop grubs from eating away the root system.


  • We have included in our Premium Package a dose of iron in the fall application.  Iron will help your lawn look greener than your neighbor’s long into the fall months.


  • Our winterizer application is specifically designed to feed your turf in the late fall and pack the soil with nutrients that help it revive early in the spring.


  • Our wide range of additional treatments and services enable you to add to, and enhance your package as you see fit.

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