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Preferred Customer Program


One Low Monthly Bill....
No more separate payments for each of your seasonal services! 
With our Preferred Customer plan, make one affordable monthly payment that covers everything!

What is included 


Our Services Include-


-Weekly mowing and trimming                       -Weed control in mulch beds

-Fertilizing (Premium Package)                       -Snow removal 
-Mulching *                                                      -Gutter cleaning

-Bush Triming                                                   -Fall clean-up
-Aeration                                                          -Spring clean-up
-Over-seeding * 

*Please note- cost of material will be billed separately.


Added Benefits...
-Easy Bill Pay Option
-10-15% off any services not included in your plan 

What is the Preferred Customer Program?

        It is the worry-free program that provides you with everything you need for a beautiful, well-kept lawn! We take the average cost of all the services listed above and divide it by 12 months, so that you have one set monthly bill. This ensures that you will know exactly what you will be paying month to month, and makes budgeting much easier. This program eliminates the need to make multiple calls throughout the year to schedule each individual service. We simply take care of each service when it needs to be done.

        What we are striving for with our Preferred Customer Program is to enable you to take advantage of all our services in the most convenient and affordable way.

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